Sossusvlei Dunes Trekking Guide

Sossusvlei DunesTrekking the Sossusvlei Dunes can be an unforgettable experience, but there are some things you should be aware of before you start this journey. Situated in the Namib Desert, some of these impressive red sand dunes can reach over one thousand feet tall, and are constantly shifting and changing. There are a number of Namibia lodges and other accommodations for visitors, and tour guides who are very familiar with this area are available. There are also car rental Namibia services which can be arranged as part of a complete package or individually. You can take a hot air balloon tour over the desert in addition to trekking through the dunes, for a spectacular view of the landscape not seen in any other way.

Sossusvlei Dunes are at the highest temperatures during the months from October all the way until April, and this is the off season because of the extreme heat. If you visit during this time period you may want to explore in the cooler morning and evening hours, and return to the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge or other lodging during the hottest part of the day to stay cool and rest. If you go between May and September the temperatures are cooler and more comfortable, but this is also the most popular and busiest time at Sossusvlei Dunes so make your reservations early on to guarantee lodging and other accommodations.

One exceptional way to enjoy Sossusvlei Dunes is to stay at the nearby Sossusvlei Wilderness Camp. All of the rooms offer fabulous views of the dunes and surrounding landscapes, without giving up any of the comforts you want and expect. If you will be walking the dunes a good pair of comfortable hiking boots and appropriate hiking clothing will be needed, and there are also guided jeep tours and other sightseeing opportunities as well. A night drive through the Sossusvlei Dunes can be breathtaking, with no impediments to star gazing and wildlife watching. A visit to these sand dunes any time of the year can be a memorable vacation you will enjoy immensely.