Sailing Holidays in Croatia – 10 Things To Know About!

Sailing Holidays CroatiaThe Croatian coastline is perfect for sailing trips. Here are ten things to know about sailing holidays in Croatia.

1. Adriatic Sea – The Adriatic Sea is named after an ancient port of the same name. It offers some of the best sailing waters in the world. The beautiful waters will make your sailing holidays in Croatia a trip of a lifetime.

2. Mediterranean sailing holidays – Sailing holidays in Croatia are unique in that there over 1000 islands residing within the crystal clear waters.

3. Ideal sailing conditions – The best months to plan sailing holidays in Croatia is between the months of April and October.

4. Croatian cities – Visiting Croatian cities such as Dubrovnik, Kastela, and Trogir provide tourists with a chance to be immersed in Croatian culture. These towns are rich with beauty and offer some of the most gorgeous marinas in the world.

5. Scenery – A sailing holidays in Croatia provides some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. You’ll enjoy the scenic views from the deck of your sailing boat.

6. Warm water – The water in the summer can reach temperatures as high as 26 degrees Celsius.

7. Inexpensive sailing packages – A sailing holidays in Croatia offers a lot of amenities at a reasonable price. Croatia tourism is becoming a popular choice among vacationing travelers.

8. Sailing experts – When planning your sailing holidays in Croatia you’ll be sure to get an expert sailor if you charter a ship. Croatian sailors are known for their technical expertise and natural feel for the water.

9. Preparation – Summer weather in Croatia can be brutally hot. Make sure to be prepared for your sailing trip and pack a lot of supplies and water.

10. Week-long trips – Many of the sailing excursions that are chartered last an entire week. Make sure you’re not prone to seasickness and have plenty of medication on hand until you get your sea legs.