Rocky Mountain National Park Wildlife – 7 Things To Remember!

Rocky Mountain National Park WildlifeRocky Mountain National Park wildlife is extremely abundant in all areas and while day trips are fun and exciting, there are things you need to remember to stay safe. You also need to make sure you do not break any of the laws.

1. Rocky Mountain National Park wildlife must be viewed from afar. You must maintain a specific distance, they are wild and if you get to close, you can be seriously injured or even killed.

2. Rocky Mountain National Park wildlife viewing requires alertness. The animals can appear when you least expect. Once you arrive at the park, try to find one of the tour guides who will prepare you with a safety checklist. Do not leave food uncovered if you are taking a snack break. Only place your garbage in trash cans and dumpsters marked, bear-resistant.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park hiking is something that most want to experience, but you should be aware of crossing the paths of bears and mountain lions. It is highly recommended that you carry a whistle with you. The noise can sometimes frighten them away because of the high pitch. It is also a good idea to wear long pants and cover your arms. Ticks are present due to the number of animals. They may seem small, but they are very dangerous if they latch onto the arms or legs. Colorado Tick Fever is common in the park, avoid becoming ill and make sure you cover yourself.

4. Use the Rocky Mountain National Park trail map wherever you go. This will keep you from becoming lost. Moreover, the majority of the wildlife spots are on the trails. Cell phone signals are very weak, if they work at all. You must remain on track and never wander off.

5. Rocky Mountain National Park fishing requires a license for everyone over 16. Make sure you check with the Colorado Division of Wildlife before you arrive.

6. Rocky Mountain National Park wildlife also includes a variety of bats that come out during sunset and dawn. If you arrive very early, take precautions.

7. Feeding any wildlife is illegal, this may not be one of the Rocky Mountain National Park facts that you are aware exists. Be careful not to toss any food during your viewing.