Plaza Bolivar Caracas Venezuela Facts

Plaza Bolivar CaracasThe Plaza Bolivar Caracas can be found in that city in Venezuela as a tribute to a national hero, Simon Bolivar. One of the more popular Caracas Venezuela attractions, the plaza stands on the grounds where Diego de Losada founded the city back in 1567. Today it is lauded as a historical spot where visitors can go to see a statue of the great man on horseback, just one of the many statues and monuments to Bolivar that are scattered around the world.

Plaza Bolivar Caracas is situated in the Capital city, the largest city in Venezuela and like so many other Central American countries that have similar monuments, the one in Caracas is also used for political speeches and gatherings and by ordinary people who simply wish to sit in the leafy square amid the fountains and statues. It is usually high on the list of things to do in Caracas Venezuela because of its rich history and the story behind the great man who fought so many times for liberation and freedom.

Simon Bolivar was a South American soldier who fought in revolutions against the Spanish in an effort to gain freedom for his country and others controlled by the mighty Spaniards. Before he was a national hero for so many though, he had moved to Spain to study and was heavily involved in the fight for Spanish independence. He was born in 1783 in what is now known as Venezuela, he spent his life living both in Central America and places in Europe and forged bonds with some powerful and historic people like Napoleon along the way.

When he returned from Spain in 1807 he led the resistance movement and the country gained independence in 1810. Today his legacy lives on in countries all around the world. Both North and South America have many monuments, statues and even roads named after him, and the same can be said for such far flung countries as Australia, Turkey and Egypt as well.

Today, Spanish Colonial History lives on in Plaza Bolivar Caracas, a monument to the man who would be the president of the Venezuela Republic in 1821 in addition to all of his other historic victories. In addition to the statue of Bolivar atop a mighty steed that was assembled when it arrived in Venezuela, there are statues of women on each corner that represent the four original republics of Gran Colombia; Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador.

The Plaza Bolivar Caracas is located in the downtown core, so it is within easy access from many hotels in Caracas Venezuela. While Caracas isn’t known to be a safe city, common sense and keeping an eye open for trouble will serve you well when you go to this or any other attraction in the city.

Plaza Bolivar Caracas is something to see, even if you have just a passing interest in the history of the country.