Peru Treks: Inca Trail Review

Peru TreksHiking the Inca Trail is the ultimate experience for any backpacking or trekking enthusiast that can not be compared with any other destination in the world. Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu route represents a 43 kilometer portion of mountain terrain that virtually connects all the important Inca ruins sites. Access to Inca Trail is strictly regulated to reduce the environmental impact from heavy tourist traffic and preserve the national heritage of Peru. When you book your Peru vacation packages, it’s important to know that only authorized trekking agencies can sell Peru Treks permits to access the famous Inca Trail. Exercise caution and buy your Peru Treks only from reputable sources.

When planning your travel to Peru and trekking adventure it’s helpful to realize your own physical limitations that will dictate which type of Inca Trail package to go for. You can pick from a variety of Peru Treks to Inca trail starting from short 2 day adventures to all the way up to 7 days tours for really experienced hikers. The most popular among Peru Treks is a 4-day Inca trail route that will allow you to experience unsurpassed natural beauty, ever-changing ecosystems, climate zones and lush landscapes. Keep your eyes out for exotic orchids, chirping hummingbirds and even, if you are lucky, a spectacled bear. The best time to go on the Inca Trail adventure is April through October.

The typical cost of a 4-day Machu Picchu Inca Trail permit ranges from $460 to $560 and includes a laundry list of itemized costs like wages for guides, porters, cooks, assistants, bus and train fares and more depending on your trekking agency.

In order to experience backpacking South America at its best and enjoy your Inca Trail exploration, it’s essential to prepare in advance by getting into a regular walking or exercising regimen to help you get acclimatized faster and endure at times strenuous hiking experiences. You also need to understand possible health problems hikers can face in high altitude mountain regions like headaches, sickness, indigestion and even vomiting. Plan ahead for you Peru Treks tours and come to Cusco at least 2 days before your scheduled date. This will help your body get used to the high altitude conditions, stabilize your blood pressure, oxygen levels and make your tour more enjoyable for you.