Paradise Cove Luau Review

Paradise Cove LuauThe Paradise Cove Luau is everything you expect from traditional Hawaii, including treatment fit for royalty. Fill your days with casual strolls around the Hawaiian villages as you learn the history of the island.

Paradise Cove, Oahu is a tropical paradise and their luaus are legendary. As soon as you reach the grounds, you world immediately transforms. The people are inviting as they greet you with the traditional flowers. Warm, sultry breezes fill the air and lull you into a feeling of complete relaxation.

The Paradise Cove Luau is 100% authentic and the main part of the experience includes incorporating the ancient rituals of food preparation. Their underground cooking method is shared with all in attendance and they teach you how to prepare the meal. You actually take part in the process. As you dine, the breathtaking sunset serves as the perfect backdrop to a phenomenal evening; including traditional Hawaiian music, songs and dances.

Hula DanceSpeaking of dances, the Hula Dance is as old as the people of Hawaii, rich in its meaning and history. The Hula is divided into two categories, ancient Hula (Hula ‘Auana) and Modern Hula (Hula Kahiko). Hula ‘Auana originates to the indigenous peoples of Hawaii, and is accompanied with traditional drums and chants; whereas Hula Kahiko comes from after the influence of western culture and may be accompanied with steel drums, guitars, or the ‘ukulele.

Most Oahu tourist attractions will feature the Paradise Cove Luau because it is so exceptional. Be prepared to spend the entire day at this world-famous location and don’t forget to bring your camera.

Paradise Cove is nestled at the foot of Diamond Head and is included in many Oahu vacation packages and tours. The location makes it the perfect stop after a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau, which is similar to Paradise Cove.

When you are ready to take in a little royal history, a visit to the Iolani Palace is sure to keep you intrigued. Constructed in 1882, the Palace was once home to Hawaii’s monarchy. Today, it is a spectacularly renovated Palace that shows the beauty of Polynesia.

The Paradise Cove Luau is arguably one of Hawaii’s best because of the delicious food and fabulous entertainment. When you are ready to experience the very essence of Oahu, choose your package and get going. You will be more than pleasantly surprised.