Palais des Papes in Avignon – Place Every Catholic Should Visit!

Palais des PapesPalais des Papes or Palace of the Popes is one of the most culturally significant gothic-style castles in Europe. The Palace is located in Avignon, France overlooking the river Rhone.

Pope Clement V left Rome at the beginning of the 14th century and moved to the Papal Curia in Avignon unwilling to put up with turbulent and chaotic times in Rome. This fact marked the foundation of the future Palais des Papes. His successors started massive and expensive building campaign that was initiated in two major phases resulting in two distinctly different parts that are known on this day as the Old Palace (Palais Vieux) and the New Palace (Palais Neuf).

Seven successive Popes had been ruling from the Papal Palace Avignon up to the year of 1377 when they left Avignon moving back to Rome. This in fact resulted in a split of the Roman Catholic Church when two different persons claimed their rights to be the real Pope. This chaotic part of Catholic history was taking place starting in 1377 and ending in 1417 when the Papacy was returned back to Rome.

Papal Palace Avignon lived through some of the most turbulent times in the French history surviving military attacks, revolution and multiple fires. This led to major destructions of the frescos, woodwork and wall structures. The Palais des Papes has been under constant restoration work ever since. Most of the rooms of the Palais des Papes are open for the tourists and could be individually observed with the help of pre-recorded audio-guides.

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Palais des Papes played a very significant role in French cultural, religious and historical life therefore placing it among the most sought after attractions for the tourists to visit.