Outer Banks Fishing Trips – 5 Best Locations!

Outer Banks FishingMany think of Outer Banks fishing as the chance of a lifetime to find certain species of fish only native in this area. They include Spanish mackerel, flounder, fluke and spot. For this reason, it is imperative that they locate the top spots to land their treasures.

One thing to remember about Outer Banks fishing is you must decide whether to charter a boat or fish from the pier. It’s really up to you, but it is still something to consider. If price is not a concern, than you can easily find a few dozen captains willing to take you to a few hot spots. But, if you are on a budget you might want to fish from the pier and save the cost of the charter.

Either way, Outer Banks fishing will guarantee you the best and most delectable fresh fish you have ever eaten, so once you arrive, be ready for a challenge and a delight.

Here are the 5 best Outer Banks fishing trip locations:

1. Hatteras Island Fishing Pier – The water here is kind of murky, but very calm. This is the best place to find bluefish, spot, croaker, black drum, puppy drum and speckled trout. There are also a number of Outer Banks vacation rentals on Hatteras Island so if you can book your rental here you can save a lot of money by fishing from the pier.

2. Nags Head Fishing Pier – Not only a great place to find dogfish and skate, but it is also very close to one of the Outer Banks lighthouses, Bodie Island Lighthouse. The water is pretty clear, but the winds can sometime reach 20 miles per hour. Still, it doesn’t seem to affect the amount of fish you can catch in a day. It’s also not overcrowded so you won’t have much competition.

3. Duck Boardwalk – A popular fishing spot that the locals swear by. It has a lot of areas where you can just take your bait and pole and sit for hours undisturbed. The further out you go, the more isolated it becomes and the better your chances. The water is clear, but rough at times. You can also try a hand at Outer Banks surf fishing here. Spanish mackerel, spot and bluefish are popular here.

4. Washington Baum Bridge – Pirates Cove – This is always one of the top Outer Banks vacation spots for anglers with families. It has a number of portable toilets for the kids and has a place where they can see boats too. The pier is also handicapped accessible and has lots of parking available. The water is clear and calm. You can find croaker, grouper and spot.

5. Roanoke Sound Pier – This is a good place for trout fisherman and even crabbing, if that’s your fancy. Other fish are puppy drum, flounder and spot. It’s usually very quiet and you will need sufficient sun protection like a hat or stationary umbrella if you plan to sit very long. The water is somewhat clear, but can be murky during high winds.