Mount Rainier National Park Lodging Review – Tips For Visitors!

Mount Rainier National Park LodgingMount Rainier National Park lodging choices can be as simple as grabbing a backpack and a tent, or it can be much more extravagant, like staying at one of the hotels, lodges and cabins. The choice is yours.

The best part of Mount Rainier National Park lodging is the diversity itself, that and the fact that you can invite just about anyone to come along and they will enjoy it as much as you. The only real dilemma you may be faced with is how to get started on your research.

Many Mount Rainier National Park lodging options begin in the park. There are a number of lodges, cabins and campgrounds. Once you figure out what each offers, you will be in a better position to finish planning and hit the road to Washington.

Here are a few Mount Rainier National Park lodging choices with some tips for visitors too:

• National Park Inn – This is one of the Mount Rainier National Park lodging selections for those who may want more of a hotel-type stay. They offer 25 rooms, a country store, dining room and even a post office for you to send post cards to your friends. If you choose to stay here, advanced reservations are highly recommended.

• Paradise Inn – This inn is also located in Mount Rainier National Park and has many more rooms, 121 in total. They also have a gift shop, café, dining room and post office. It is higher in elevation at 5420 feet, which allows guests to have wonderful views. They do have a limited operating season however, usually between May and October. Guests who book their rooms online also receive a discount of up to 20%.

• Cougar Rock Campground – This is the preferred campground. It is closest to the more popular Mount Rainier hiking trails and has approximately 173 individual sites, 10 tent-only sites and 10 group sites, for those who have larger groups, more than 6.These sites have water, toilets, fire pits and dumping stations for those driving RVs or trailers. It is always a good idea to contact the park to make sure that weather has not caused any issues. At times, some sites may close due to flooding or even construction.

• Alpine Adventure Lodge – If you prefer to stay at one of the Mt. Rainier cabin rentals nearby, this is an excellent choice. Not only is this vacation spot only minutes from the park, but you can also bring your horse along and they even have hot springs. Inside, the cabins have fabulous amenities including flat screen tvs, fireplaces, and all kinds of wooden furniture that adds a sense of warmth and coziness.

• White River Campground – With 112 sites and an elevation of 4400 feet, this is an excellent way to spend your vacation. Since one of the more well known Mount Rainier facts surrounds the abundant wildlife, if you decide to stay at this campsite, make sure you remember the follow the alerts, signs and warnings that are posted all over. This is especially true for those who bring their pets along.