Mont St Michel Tours – Which One To Choose?

Mont St Michel ToursMont St. Michel tours offer tourists who travel France an opportunity to discover the beauty of this medieval town and its magnificent Abbey that holds so much history behind its solid walls.

Mont St Michel history took a significant turn in 1023 when Bishop of Avranches started building a chapel following a holly vision of St Michel. Some 400 years later Mont St Michel Abbey stood proudly at the top of the fairy tale island that is constantly separated from the mainland by high tides. Victor Hugo, famous French writer, compared massive tidal waves that come and go to galloping horses due to their strength and speed.

Mont St Michel Abbey was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979 drawing even more tourists every year. The town of Mont St Michel in France allows tourists to soak up the atmosphere of medieval France walking along narrow streets and admiring its solid architecture that was able to withstand ages of turbulent French history. A large number of specialty stores, local restaurants and bars are another great way to explore this cozy little town. Consider staying at Hotel du Guesclin or Saint Aubert Hotel during your Mont St Michel tours in order to fully appreciate the atmosphere of this fairy tale island.

You can choose among a myriad of Mont St Michel tours depending you the number of vacation days at your disposal and your budget preference.

Mont St Michel Day Trip is perhaps the ideal way to explore Mont St Michel Abbey and its surroundings. You will be taken on a guided tour around the rooms of the Abbey, a walk around the island to observe its massive tidal waves. Later you can roam freely around the island and try a delicious lunch prepared from the specialty lamb that feasts on the salt marshes grass giving it distinct aroma and flavor. Driving to and from Mont St. Michel is your chance to experience Normandy countryside at its fullest.

Other Mont St Michel tour packages will include several day tours to explore additional French attractions like Saint Malo old town, Normandy countryside and Chateaux Country.