Madagascar Vacation Packages – Which One To Choose?

Madagascar Vacation PackagesMadagascar is a mystical land of indigenous wildlife, to which many people have never seen. It is home to giant lemurs, the elephant bird and over 300 different species of birds. For an island, its region is equally diverse with coastline, rainforests, open plains, mountain ranges and desert. This is one of the many reasons Madagascar is quickly becoming a prime eco tourism destination. There are many options in choosing Madagascar vacation packages, such as luxury guided or independent travel.

If money is no object, booking Madagascar vacation packages is the way to go. The perks of selecting luxury guided tours are that your vacation is planned from start to finish before you even leave home. Customized trips can include visits to the beaches, biking, hiking and trekking through the rainforests. Your guide will lead though prearranged Madagascar tours to ensure your enjoyment and safety. Your tour can be private or booked with other groups. Visitors will have the opportunity to stay in the 4 and 5 star Madagascar resorts that are all inclusive with both accommodations and meal. Guides will also be available to help you understand the history, culture and way of life of the Malagasy people. When booking a luxury guided tour, it can be as extensive or laid back as you would like, however generally you will be on a schedule and have to work within a specific time frame.

Those selecting to book independent Madagascar vacation packages will be on their own time and will find limitless possibilities. An independent traveler has the option of spending their entire vacation city hopping to cover as much ground as possible or they can focus on one or two particular regions. Most interesting would likely be the coastline during July – September when scores of migrating humpback whales can be views for shore. Or an independent travel may luck up and book a same day trip on a 2 hour safari to see the endemic wildlife that have inhabited the island for many hundreds of years. Additionally, since independent travels have the luxury of not being on a written in stone schedule, they have the freedom to stay in the Madagascar hotels that don’t require months of advanced reservations.

Depending on what type of experience you want to have, will best determine which Madagascar vacation packages are right for you. Prices will vary from $2,500 – $15,000 per person depending on departure city, date of travel, guided tour or independent, plus which Madagascar tourist attractions you would like to participate in.