Machu Picchu Vacation Packages – What Is Included?

Machu Picchu Vacation PackagesIf you plan to travel to Peru then you may want to look at Machu Picchu vacation packages, but what do these packages include and what will cost you extra? The Machu Picchu ruins are famous around the world for their history and beauty, making this area a prime tourist attraction and vacation destination. You can normally arrange for a vacation package that includes anything you want, and most travel agents and tour operators will customize their offerings for you. You can include Lake Titicaca tours and other local attractions for an increased price in most cases. Airfare is usually not included in the standard price either, but this can also be customized if you choose.

Machu Picchu vacation packages can vary substantially in numerous factors. Some may include all meals, while others only include some meals, or do not provide meals at all. Most will include the entrance fee to Machu Picchu for the listed itinerary items and tours, but this may not be the case in some cases either. If you want to visit Nazca Lines, or you plan on enjoying the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, this may not be included in some of the Machu Picchu vacation packages unless specifically listed.

Transportation costs, airfare, snacks, alcoholic drinks, and other components of Machu Picchu vacation packages may not always be included. The best way to find out exactly what is included in the vacation packages you are considering is to ask for an itinerary and a listing of what is included and what is extra. Find out if hiking the Inca Trail is part of your package or if it will cost you more. Ask about meals and beverages, because some Machu Picchu vacation packages may be all inclusive and include almost everything during your stay, including cocktails and canapes before dinner. If you are willing to spend a little time looking you can find a package that includes everything you want, for a reasonable price.