Lost Sea Caverns – Hidden Gem of Tennessee!

Lost Sea CavernsThe Lost Sea Caverns (official name is Lost Sea Cave) are the hidden gem, and one of the most amazing secret locations, in the state of Tennessee. These caves and caverns feature many unique formations and landscape components, and you can see the largest underground lake in the United States. An eighteenth century village is part of the attractions in the area, but once you go down into these Tennessee caverns nothing else will be able to compare. A glass bottom boat will take you on a tour of the lake in the Lost Sea Caverns, for an unforgettable experience you will want to repeat over again. Cave flowers, immense rooms, and rare formations not often seen are all a part of the Lost Sea Cave experience. These caverns are not kept a secret, but their location in a remote area of Tennessee mean that many people do not even know these caves exist. If you enjoy exploring caves and natural wonders, this is a hidden gem that you should see at least once.

A visit to the Lost Sea Caverns can be done on any day except for Christmas Day, as this is the one day a year that the caverns are not open. The price of admission is very reasonable, at less than ten dollars for kids and less than twenty dollars per adult. There are many different choices available for Lost Sea Caverns lodging, and flashlight tours and wild cave tours can be arranged for all age groups. The underground lake in the Lost Sea Caverns is extremely large, and the first glimpse you get will amaze you. Tours of the Lost Sea Caverns are great for all ages, even children under six years old. Wooden walkways and modern lighting provide a safe environment for exploring the caves, and it is a unique experience that you will not soon forget. Although not well known by most people in America, these caves offer a fascinating experience that is both enjoyable and exciting.