Karlovy Vary Spa Packages – Best Hotels, Treatments and Prices!

Karlovy Vary SpaThe Karlovy Vary spa experience is world-famous. Virtually anyone who respects the art of complete body wellness or values intense pampering is fully aware of this city, which is truly the gem of Europe.

Karlovy Vary is great to visit all year round, but many choose to come during the latter part of the year, when the snow engulfs the area and adds to the enchanting views.

The only other time of the year when this area sees an influx of tourists is between June and July, when the Karlovy Vary Film Festival occurs. This is definitely the highlight of the year for those interested in the arts.

There is only drawback to visiting Karlovy Vary and that is figuring out which hotel to choose. You will want to find one with the best of everything, including treatments and prices.

Because the rate of exchange from Euros to US dollars fluctuates, it’s always a good idea to do your homework well in advance so you can book the proper package that includes the best accommodations for your Karlovy Vary vacation getaway.

– New Year’s Eve Package – Take advantage of this wellness package at the Grand Hotel Pupp, from December 28th until January 1st and includes accommodations. During your stay, you will feast on a lavish breakfast buffet, enjoy dancing at the Club Mala Dvorana, and indulge in your choice of spa or wellness treatments that include healing procedures with a combination of relaxation, health and beauty massages. On New Year’s Eve, you will participate in the Gala in the ballroom with dinner and refreshments at midnight. The evening ends with a spectacular fireworks display. New Year’s Day offers a grand breakfast and concert before checkout. The price for this package is just $850 Euros or $1081 US Dollars.

– Fit and Slim Package – This is offered by one of the top Karlovy Vary hotels, the Hotel Imperial. The 5-day package includes full boarding and accommodations. You also have a medical consultation with the staff doctor who will recommend the type of procedures you should undertake. In all, you could participate in a total of 16, including thermal baths, aqua aerobics, full-body massage, Pilates, swimming and an aroma-therapeutic cinnamon wrap. The cost for this package is only $474 Euros or $605 US Dollars.

– The Relax Package – Offered by the Spa Resort Sanssouci, a top Karlovy Vary spa hotel, focuses on rest, healing and relaxation procedures. In 5 days, you will be treated to 10 different spa treatments, including a drinking cure, full-body massage, facials, sauna, whirlpool and herbal body wraps. Accommodations and boarding is included. The cost for the full week is $604 Euros or $770 US Dollars.

– Recovery Spa Days – Located at the hotel Lazenska Lecebna Manes, this package is a little more expensive than the others, but it has a lot more to offer, which makes it a great deal. For instance, the package is 6 days, not 5. In addition, full accommodations, including all meals are available as well as a full medical exam. Each day, you have a carbon dioxide or bubble bath, full-body massage, drinking water cure, herbal wrap and an extra treatment, free of charge. You also have tickets to the top Prague tours, no other hotels provide this. The cost for this package is $1047 Euros or $1335 US Dollars.