Great Wall of China Tours Review – Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong!

Great Wall of China ToursGreat Wall of China tours vary in length and detail. If you have at least seven days to spend, it is recommended that you include equal intervals of time in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. This will allow you to get the true essence of the Asian experience.

All three of these cities are available in a number of tours, aptly named Great Wall of China tours. However, the Great Wall is not the only historical site or area of interest you will be privy to. For your part, you will also partake in the glorious wonders of temples and tombs, while feasting on a variety of culinary delights.

The best of the Great Wall of China tours begin in Beijing, which is the country’s capital. Your guide meets you upon your arrival and transports you to the hotel. Enjoy your meal in the dining area or venture out on your own for a sampling or two.

Your China travel guide will provide you with your full itinerary on the second day, as the first is generally for unwinding and relaxing. If you travel from the United States, the flight can be quite long and it is important that you adjust to the new time zone.

On Day 2, you will immediately notice the way Beijing tours operate. They are extremely efficient and waste no time taking you to your first attraction, Tiananmen Square and of course, the Forbidden City. During the afternoon hours, you will have lunch and spend time at the Temple of Heaven. As evening draws near, you will end your night at the Peking Opera before heading back to your hotel.

Day 3 is spent partially on the drive where your guide provides you with the Great Wall of China facts so you have enough information before you arrive. Then you have a few hours to spend at the Ming Tombs. You can enjoy a wonderful meal of Peking duck for dinner.

Day 4 has you boarding an airplane as another Great Wall of China tours destination spots awaits you. This time it’s Shanghai. You have an opportunity to rest and relax.

Day 5 is spent at the top China tourist attractions in Shanghai, like the Jade Buddha Temple, Yuyuan Garden, the Bund and Shanghai World Finance Center. Feast on Dim-sum while being fully entertained at the Acrobatics show.

Day 6 has you once again hopping on board an airplane as you set off for the Great Wall of China tours final destination, Hong Kong. But, not before you have breakfast and spend time at the Shanghai Museum. Once you arrive in Hong Kong, you are taken directly to your hotel for leisure time.

Day 7 The entire day is spent at Hong Kong Disneyland, as there are hundreds of sites, rides and attractions. You really need the full day to have the best experience.

Day 8 is a leisure day as you gather your belongings, check out of your hotel and board the airplane back to Beijing.