Goreme Hotels – Live Like A Caveman!

Goreme HotelsHave you ever wondered how the caveman lived? In Turkey, with the cave hotel Cappadocia, you can live in a cave in style. Varieties of Goreme hotels in Cappadocia help illustrate the cave-like living conditions of the troglodytes, with a modern twist and conveniences, of course. Whether you are taking one of the Cappadocia tours or just visiting for a night, staying in one of these hotels is a great addition to your vacation.

Living like a caveman in any of the Goreme hotels has been made popular due to the history of Cappadocia. Cappadocia, known for the monasteries and vivid Turkish history, is home of the Goreme open air museum. This museum contains rock cut geological entity that contains a multitude of churches and chapels. These churches help illustrate the rich religious history of Turkey, as well as highlight the geological formation of the town.

When you envision your Turkish vacation, and staying in a cave like hotel, these hotels are not primitive to any extent! The cave-like mentality comes from the geological rock formations that the town was formed around. Therefore, the best places to stay are made out of rock and sometimes, are close to or underground. These Goreme hotels have been made popular due to their home style living conditions with unique property settings. All of the conveniences of a regular hotel but you can tell everyone after your vacation that you stayed in a cave!

A great way to experience the entire town of Cappadocia, without being near the caves, is by one of the Goreme balloons. These balloons are available through many tours. You can see all of the rock formations and multiple Goreme hotels from the air.