European Cruise Deals – 7 Important Money Saving Tips!

European Cruise DealsEuropean cruise deals have pros and cons and if you want to experience the best vacation possible, it is important that you have some tips to help you save money.

The 7 most important money saving tips to guide you towards the best European cruise deals are listed below. If you create your own itinerary and stick to your guns, you will not end up overspending.

Also, since you will be in a completely different country, it is wise that you understand the rate of exchange and factor the difference between your currency and foreign money. If yours is much lower, you may actually save money before the cruise begins.

1. Book in advance – Many European cruise lines allow you to book your cruise up to 6 months in advance. You can take advantage of early specials and get great room options.

2. Book your next trip during your current trip – If you are a frequent traveler and enjoy Northern Europe cruises, try to speak with the on-board tour guide and schedule your next trip while you are still in the midst of your current cruise.

3. Refrain from spending time in the casino – European cruise deals are only bargains if you control your spending, this includes extravagances like gambling. Be wise and keep out.

4. Include tips or gratuities in your total budget – Virtually all cruise ships expect you to tip their staff generously. This can hamper the fact that you are taking advantage of some of the best European cruise deals. Find out what the standard amount is and factor this into your budget.

5. Skip guided tours – Tours, especially the Rhine River cruises tend to cost more because they include guided tours. Plan out your trip to include places you can visit on your own.

6. Stay out of the spas – Most Scandinavian cruises offer spas and massage treatments. Instead of spending time there, bring your own and pamper yourself.

7. BYOB – or, Bring your own Booze! While some cruise lines frown upon this, others do not. Especially while traveling in Europe. Tourists love to purchase wine and beer, depending upon their day stops so what difference does it make if you bring yours from home? Just make sure you are not breaking any laws.