Dali Museum in Figueres Spain Review: Things To Do and See!

Dali Museum SpainIf you are looking for things to do in Barcelona and you fancy a road trip, you owe it to yourself to check out the Dali Museum Spain, just 143 km north of Barcelona in the town of Figueres.

Touted as the ‘largest surreal object in the world’ the museum is anything but ordinary, from the colorful exterior and the large eggs that line the roof to the strangely arranged interior showcasing his works. The Dali Museum Spain has been in existence since 1974 and was built on the remains of the town’s theater that had been ravaged by fire. Today it is home to the broadest range of Salvador Dali’s works, with some of his most famous pieces proudly on display. From the Spectre of Sex Appeal in 1932 to Atomic Leda in 1949 to Dawn, Noon, Afternoon and Evening from 1979, the museum also has special rooms created just for it by the artist, and even showcases works from several other artists in the eclectic space.

Long known as one of the must-see Spain landmarks, the museum sheds some light onto the artist as a person through his art. There is no audio guide available like in many other museums, as the Dali Museum Spain is meant to be experienced, no matter how you wish to experience it. The Mae West Room, for example features several works that when you stand at a certain angle work together to make the iconic actress’ face. From there you can see Dali’s personal car, a Cadillac that doesn’t get rained on, as much as it gets rained in. There is a boat that cries blue tears and those familiar with his work will understand the significance of the crutches that show up in many of his pieces.

The Dali Museum Spain has over 1500 works on display, from drawings and sculptures to paintings, photography, installations and holograms, to name just a few. It makes visitors get a better understanding of Salvador Dali as a person and as an artist because after all, it is pure Dali from start to finish, he had the vision, he built the museum and he was instrumental in everything that you see. It is open most days and each summer, they offer a Night at the Museum experience that runs from 10pm-1am and includes wine on the terrace and the surrealism under the stars.

The Dali Museum Spain is located an easy day trip from the big city and the many Barcelona hotels, and is a must for those who have an admiration for his work or those who are just curious and want so see something completely different.

There are two other Dali museums in Spain, and right here at home, there is the Dali Museum St Pete in Florida which houses the largest collection of his works outside of Europe, with 96 oil paintings, 100 watercolors, 1300 graphics, photos, sculptures and other works.