Chengdu Panda Reserve – What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Chengdu Panda ReserveWhile in Chengdu, China, one of the most popular Chengdu attractions is visiting the Chengdu Panda Reserve. One of the best times to visit the Chengdu Panda Reserve is in the summer, probably between June and August. During these months, the Pandas should be out in full force. During this time of year, guests can enjoy the large park where spotting the beautiful Pandas is literally a walk in the park.

The Chengdu Panda Reserve is dedicated to the Giant Panda conservation. The reserve attempts to combine man-made and natural habitats for the Pandas in order to keep them comfortable and safe. The Chengdu Panda Reserve is the first endangered species conservation institution as well as the first Giant Panda breeding institution in China.

When planning one of the many China tours available, visitors want to be sure not to miss these magnificent creatures. Many of the China River cruises also offer trips to the Chengdu Panda Reserve for guests to learn more about these beautiful animals. In addition to the tours and cruises, there are also many hotels in Chengdu for tourists to stay in where they will have an easy commute to the Panda reserve.

While the main focus of the reserve is to protect the Giant Pandas, they also want to protect the Red Pandas and many other endangered species. No matter what time of year guests choose to visit the reserve, they will find that the Panda Reserve focuses on promoting public awareness of the many endangered species.

While visiting, guests may also enjoy many other activities that the reserve has to offer. Among these activities are the many young zoologist projects, volunteer and teacher workshops as well as seasonal camps that focus on how to help people understand and protect the Giant Pandas as well as other wildlife.