Cheap Greece Vacations – Are They Worth Taking?

Cheap Greece VacationsWith economy being tough nowadays many Americans are cutting down on bare essentials including their travel. However, if camping out in your backyard is not in your travel plans and you are looking into cheap Greece vacations, read our article where we uncover many fun things to do in Athens on a budget.

Cheap Greece vacations do not have to be boring, you simply have to plan vacations way ahead and make choices. Figure out things that you can save on like staying at cheaper hotels or carefully finding Greece vacations packages that will fit your bill. Some Athens Airport hotels are surprisingly affordable and are conveniently located in close proximity to the airport and public transportation.

Surprisingly, family holidays in Greece could be a lot of fun and save you lots of money with careful planning. Choose a family picnic at the Athens National Gardens over a lavish dinner and you can snuggle up with your spouse while watching your kids run around and explore the nearby duck pond and a petting zoo. Make sure you find some time and visit Athens Central market where your kids can learn about various kinds of previously unknown to them vegetables, fruits, fish and more. The meat section of the market offers some of the most affordable restaurant choices in the whole Athens. If you are a traveler on a budget, you simply must check them out. Here adults can savor some of world’s tastiest olives, cheeses, sardines and loads more.

Some of the best things in life come for free in Greece and Monastiraki Flea Market is no exception. It’s not exactly a flea market but a gathering of people of various nationalities and walks of lives displaying their talent and creativity. Here you can listen to street musicians, watch a myriad of shoppers pass by while relaxing at roadside cafes and simply hang out. This is perhaps the best place in Athens to pick up a few souvenirs from street vendors to take home to your loved ones. This place will make you crave your next cheap Greece vacations.

Train rides are cheap and can fun! Take advantage of Greek National Eurails train service that offers multiple international and local connections. Kids will certainly have a blast by enjoying first class meals served right to their seats. The most popular tourist train destination is Athens – Thessaloniki and could be enjoyed overnight to save you time and money.

Make sure you leave some head room in your travel budget for a single splurge to make your cheap Greece vacations worth the trip and leave you with the fondest memories.