Barcelona Gaudi Park Guell Review

Gaudi Park GuellGaudi Park Guell is a municipal garden area located in Barcelona, Spain. The area is famous for its architecture and landscaping. It is visited by several hundred thousand locals and tourists each year. The Parc Guell also contains the renowned Gaudi House Museum which showcases some of the works by the famous Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.

Gaudi Park Guell is also known for its breathtaking views of Barcelona. The original idea for the park was a housing development created by Count Eusebi Guell, but turned out to be an unsuccessful business venture. There were only two homes built on the site with one being the eventual home of Antoni Gaudi. Another of the highlights of Gaudi Park Guell is the entrance that features the long serpent inspired bench designed by Gaudi. The curves in the bench are said to be inspired by the imprints of the buttocks of naked women sitting on the bench.

Other structures such as the Salon of the Hundred Columns and Closed Chapel feature the rich architectural style that attracts so many visitors. The site was designated a park in 1922 after worked stopped in 1914. The park has been an official UNESCO World Heritage site. Because of the architectural style interwoven within the natural landscaping the park is known for providing a very peaceful and almost divine atmosphere. Gaudi was a very devout Catholic towards the end of his life and tried to give his designs a spiritual quality.

Gaudi Park Guell can be accessed by foot or vehicle. For people who have physical limitations or disabilities it is easier to get around by vehicle as the hills leading up to the park care steep. The sight is frequently marked as a must-see place to visit when in Barcelona, Spain.