Bahia Honda State Park Review

Bahia Honda State ParkBahia Honda State Park is one of the most beloved paradise family destinations in America. Located in the southernmost tip of the US, this remote island became popular due to fantastic beaches near Key West and endless array of opportunities for outdoor lovers of all ages.

No matter what outdoor activities you love the most, Bahia Honda State Park can satisfy all of your leisure needs. Whether you love snorkeling, fishing or kayaking, crystal clear shallow waters and balmy temperatures year round create a perfect environment for those activities. Key West snorkeling is among the most fun things to do in Key West for kids and adults. Here you can spot lots of bright tropical fish species, corals and many more interesting underwater inhabitants. Wetsuits are recommended by Bahia Honda State Park staff for snorkeling during the winter for your safety and enjoyment.

To set on Key West kayaking explorations, you can rent or bring your own canoe or kayak to enjoy beautiful tropical sceneries around the park, just remember to stay away from areas that are designated strictly for swimming. If it’s fishing you love the most, remember that there are some regulations concerning the use of spear fishing equipment and catching fish of a certain size and type. Make sure you get familiar with the Park’s rules to make your stay more enjoyable and safe for the environment.

In case if you are more into land based outdoor explorations, Bahia Honda State Park is the “it” destination for hiking, trekking, bicycling, camping and even bird watching. Take care to reserve a campsite at one of three major campgrounds like Buttonwood, Sandspur and Bayside and enjoy your family vacations. Did you know that according to multiple visitors’ reviews Bahia Honda State Park is the number one destination for the most romantic getaways that couples can embark on? Bahia Honda Park has plenty of romantic activities you can try like star gazing, midnight marshmallow roasting and moonlight walks.

The most important piece of advice that visitors are sharing on travel forums in regard to visiting Bahia Honda Park is to bring plenty of heavy duty bug spray during summer and fall months.