Backpacking South America: 10 Things You Need To Remember!

Backpacking South AmericaBackpacking South America is definitely a trip of a lifetime. The scenery and terrain in the country is some of the best in the world for avid backpackers. Whether you’re going to travel to Peru or visit Brazil there are some things you need to remember that will make your trip easier.

Below we break down 10 things not to forget:

1. Protective rain gear – We all want to get back to nature, but nobody wants to be stuck out in a rain storm without the proper gear. Get some quality waterproof pants and a jacket for the trip.

2. Hiking boots/shoes – One thing not to cheap on while backpacking South America is good hiking shoes. You’re feet are your greatest assets while on a backpacking trip so treat them right with a pair of comfortable hikers. Hiking boots will be needed when you’ll go hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.

3. Study Before You Go – Be aware of South American local customs and traditions. Understanding the nuances of the culture will help your trip go much more smoothly.

4. Two-Prong Plug – If you need power from an outlet this is standard.

5. Carefully Plan Your Route – Sounds like a no-brainer but there have been more than a few people who didn’t plan their trip and then regretted it later.

6. Visit Machu Picchu – The Inca trail to Machu Picchu is one of the best places to visit on your trip.

7. Water Filtration – Have some iodine handy in case you need to clean some drinking water. You don’t want to risk drinking some nasty water that can make you sick.

8. Don’t Overpack – You’re not Paris Hilton so don’t pack like her. While backpacking South America you’ll need only three pairs of pants, no more no less.

9. Take a Dental Floss with You – Dental floss is a great tool and can come in handy whether you are backpacking South America or at the local state park. At some point of your trip you just will not be able to brush your teeth.

10. Utility Tool – You don’t need a huge Rambo knife, but an all-purpose utility knife is an essential tool while backpacking South America.

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