Argentina Cruises – What Are The Ports of Call?

Argentina CruisesArgentina cruises in South America are simply spectacular. If you are ready for a vacation that compares to nothing you have ever experienced, all you need to do is get yourself prepared for lots of adventure, mystical waters and exceptional wildlife.

Many of the Argentina cruises have similar ports of call, including Angra dos Reis, Buzios, Buenos Aires, Fortaleza, Illhabela de Imbituba. Everywhere you turn, it’s nothing but blue skies and white sandy beaches. The views are so breathtaking that your eyes can barely focus. It’s like something out of a photograph or an artists dream.

However, many provide you with very unusual areas to view. Take the Ushuaia cruise, which promise diverse itineraries. A good example is the Ushuaia – Punta Arenas Route. They depart from Ushuaia and for the next 3 nights, you will spend time at Cape Horn, in Wulaia Bay, De Agostini Sound and Aguila Glacier and finally, Magdalena Island.

Then there’s the Australis cruises that offer similar ports, but add others. For instance, you depart from Ushuaia and still visit Cape Horn, in Wulaia Bay, but they head towards Pia and Garibaldi Glaciers, then go on to Piloto and Nena Glaciers. The final day is spent at the Magdalena Penguin Reserve.

The final type is the Patagonia cruise, where you can stop in on places like the Glacier National Park or perhaps Torres del Paine. Here you can savor the scenery and watch as you go from ice to flowers in a matter of mere hours. This area is home to more types of plant and wildlife than any other place on earth.

These Argentina cruises have pros and cons, mostly because you will want to experience them all, but your funds may prevent this. Don’t let this discourage you though; Argentina isn’t going anywhere, that’s the good news. You can just keep coming back over and over and each time you visit, it will be a completely different experience.

Now you can see why cruises to South America are so popular and even though the prices can be a little high, you get so much for your money that it is a very good value. Just make sure you are prepared to lose your breath, time and time again. Everywhere you turn, a gasp or awestruck look is imminent, and this is the beauty of Argentina cruises.