7 Must-Know Things Before Hiking The Inca Trail

Hiking The Inca TrailHiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu is a great experience and a must for anyone who is going to travel to Peru.

Below is a list of things to know before you set out on the journey:

1. Get in shape – We are not kidding. Although many make the trek up the Inca trail to Machu Picchu you do need to be in decent shape. The trail is steep and grueling at points.

2. You cannot hike it alone – You must be a part of one of the Machu Picchu tours. This ensures safety and you’ll have expert tour guides leading every step of the way.

3. When to visit – The best time of the year for hiking the Inca trail is the dry season between the months of April through October. The trail is closed every February due to flood possibilities and for the vegetation to grow back.

4. Book well in advance – Your plan for hiking the Inca trail should be put into action and booked at least 4-5 months before hand. The number of people allowed on the trail has been reduced making for less space for each tour.

5. Walter filtration – You’ll need some water purification tablets or iodine to help clean the water from the streams. It’s best to wait 60 minutes before drinking.

6. Prepare to tip your tour guides – Tipping the tour guides and other helpers is customary when you’re finished hiking the Inca trail. Bring enough money to tip approximately $25-$35 per person.

7. Don’t leave your stuff lying around – Theft can easily occur, although it has been greatly reduced over the years. Just make sure to keep your things close at all times.

Knowing these pieces of important information should help your trip go along more smoothly. Hiking the Inca trail is one of the best ways to spend your vacation time while visiting the great country of Peru.