7 Most Romantic Things To Do in Venice For Newlyweds

Romantic Things To Do in VeniceThere are many romantic things to do in Venice, especially for newlyweds. The weather is so warm and inviting that you will want to explore the area with the one you love.

The best Venice tourist attractions for honeymooners combine food, music and of course wine. This is the wine capital of Italy, so be sure to find a place that serves only the best.

The 7 most romantic things to do in Venice for newlyweds are listed below so you can make your selection anytime.

1. Walk along the Piazza hand in hand – One of the reasons why there are so many romantic things to do in Venice is because they have secluded areas where many tourists don’t travel. You can sneak away and enjoy a beautiful day surrounded by ancient art and beauty.

2. Take a ride on the water – The gondola rides in Venice are perfect for newly married couples because of the intimacy. If you can spare the expense, you should try to spend at least an hour floating down the canal.

3. Tour outlying islands by boat – Another one of the romantic things to do in Venice include spending time at Burano, Torcello and San Frecesco del Deserto. The gardens are lovely and fragrant.

4. Relax inside – It’s your honeymoon after all. The Venice hotels are world-famous and if you let them know you just got married, they will provide you with excellent room service and bring wine to your room so you don’t have to leave.

5. Include this stop on a cruise – There are a number of Venice honeymoon packages you can select that will allow you to stop for two or three days before heading back to your ship.

6. Spend the day at the Cemetery – San Michele Cemetery is filled with ancient marble headstones and grave markers. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the architecture is exceptional.

7. Wait for nightfall and take a ride on the vaporetto – One of the popular waterbuses that start to slow the activity during late hours. If you’re lucky, you may be the only passengers.