7 Interesting Kangaroo Island Facts

Kangaroo Island FactsKangaroo Island, commonly referred to as KI by the locals is a pristine, isolated island of the coast of the mainland near South Australia. Check out our 7 interesting Kangaroo Island facts to learn more about this eco-tourism paradise.

Visitors can get there through the Kangaroo Island ferry service and car rental Kangaroo Island services are available.
1. KI is Australia’s third largest island, located 70 miles from Adelaide and was separated from the mainland nearly 10,000 years ago presumably by a flood and rising sea level.

2. Tourism is the largest industry on KI. Farming was once considering the economic powerhouse of the island, but after scientists discovered the pristine environment and reported their findings—the word spread and tourism in KI was born. Many tourists come for the Kangaroo Island wilderness retreat.

3. Due to the pristine conditions and moderate temperatures, KI is free from all the pests and disease that are found on the North Island (Australia). Officials take great care in protecting the island from such nuisances by inspecting items carried in by visitors at by air links and seaports.

4. The Kangaroo Island kangaroo is indigenous to the island and found no place else on earth, similar to the giant tortoise, George, who lives in the Galapagos Islands.

5. Other interesting Kangaroo Island facts tourist may be disappointed to learn that there are no fast food chains on the entire island. Not one McDonalds can be found, nor are there any traffic lights on the island.

6. KI attracts more than 140,000 tourists a year, mainly from Europe. Kangaroo Island attractions include: Little Sahara, Kelly Hills Cave and the Penguin Centre.

7. Very important Kangaroo Island facts visitors should be aware of is that the wildlife roam free in KI. A few types you will see upon visiting while traveling from the beaches to the bush are koalas, little penguins, sea lions, bees, wallabies, heath goannas, echidnas and a huge bird population. Ospreys, sea eagles and hooded plovers are among a few birds to watch for.

Once you return home, you’ll have learned so much that you can share several more Kangaroo Island facts with your family and friends.