7 Interesting Facts About Guinness Brewery Dublin

Guinness Brewery DublinBefore heading to the famous Guinness Brewery Dublin, learn 7 interesting facts about Dublin’s famous attraction for true beer connoisseurs. Among other exciting things to do in Dublin visiting the Guinness Brewery stands out due to its century’s old history.

1. Guinness Brewery Dublin prepares a few million pints of famous Irish stout daily. That’s enough to quench even the strongest thirst of all visitors to Dublin.

2. Guinness Brewery Dublin was founded in 1759 and has seen taken over several streets for its brewery grounds.

3. Guinness Draft is the most popular type of brew that is currently being produced at the Guinness Brewery Dublin.

4. Due to popular demands Guinness Brewery opened its Storehouse in the year 2000 which helps educate many travelers visiting Ireland about Brewery’s 250 years of history. Visiting the Storehouse is the only way for visitors to catch a glimpse of beer making secrets. Almost six floors are taken by beer brewing equipment, beer storage devices, beer memorabilia and many more displays that play an important role in the Guinness Brewery model.

5. If you want to witness the actual beer brewing process, visiting Guinness Storehouse is a great opportunity to learn about the business from start to finish. The top floor of the storehouse is taken by a beer sampling pub that also opens spectacular views of Dublin for its guests. The Guinness Brewery itself is not open to the public.

6. It might be worth visiting the famous Brewery and its Storehouse several times because for a modest general admission fee, each guest is offered a complimentary pint of authentic Irish Guinness stout at the Gravity Bar located at the very top of the Storehouse.

7. At the end of your Guinness Brewery tour, make sure to walk down Thomas Street in Dublin where famous Arthur Guinness used to live.

No Irish vacation packages are complete without visiting Guinness Brewery Dublin allowing you to experience the Irish national drink and learn about its history.