7 Best Greek Islands For Honeymoon

Best Greek IslandsChoosing Greece as your honeymoon destination will more than likely pose the question, what are the best Greek Islands for romance, nightlife and relaxation? Well, you have arrived at the correct location for answers.

Listed below are the 7 best Greek Islands for honeymoons.

1. Santorini – The nightlife, mixed with glorious sunsets makes this the perfect hot spot for younger couples who want to experience the best of this island. There are so many things to do in Santorini while you spend time together as newlyweds, including touring this volcanic island.

2. Crete – Greek Island vacations and honeymoons on Crete are spectacular. Home to the God Zeus, this island has pristine beaches and crystal blue waters; perfect for relaxing honeymooners.

3. Euboea – The majority of the Greek Island cruises depart from Athens. Euboea is Greece’s 2nd largest island, after Crete. You can book your honeymoon and spend your days surrounded by the most beautiful landscape your eyes have ever seen, additionally, you have a choice of modern hotels or traditional villages for your lodging.

4. Mykonos – Greek Island honeymoon tours including the island of Mykonos are filled with lovely adventures, as you tour the historical significance of the area. You can partake in diving, which is excellent from this location. Shopping, dining and lots of cultural events are available all year.

5. Rhodes – Rhodes is one of the best Greek Islands for honeymoons because it is very laid back and off of the beaten path. Most couples enjoy the privacy of this island, along with the quiet beaches and perfect views of the world-famous Acropolis.

6. Kos – Located closer to the Turkey-Greece border, this sleepy little island offers the lushness that made Greece famous. Lovely olive groves and wine vineyards are abundant here.

7. Skiathos – This Island actually has over 60 beaches along the coastline with pure, golden sand. If you and your spouse want excitement, taverns, restaurants and traditional Mediterranean-style amenities, this is the right location.

Now that you have the 7 best Greek Islands for honeymoons at your disposal, you can make the final arrangements for your special day. In just a while, you will be soaking up the sunshine on one or more luxury islands while reminiscing about your wedding and planning your future together.

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