5 Most Affordable Tours to Iguazu Falls in South America

 Iguazu Falls in South AmericaIguazu Falls is a large water fall system that is located on the borders of Brazil and Argentina. Both sides offer incredible vantage point to experience the falls at different angles. Most tours of the Argentina side start at the Puerto Iguazu city located within only 11 miles from the iconic South American landmark. Rainforest Ecological Train taking through the jungle to see this incredible natural wonder is a great way to explore the Falls. There are a total of 275 separate water falls within the system and is a favorite destination for vacationers and adventurers.

Below is a list of 5 affordable adventure tours to Iguazu Falls in South America on the Argentina side.

1. Iguazu Falls Tour Ltd. – This tourism company has been doing South America tours for many years. Iguazu Falls in South America is one of their most popular tours because of the uniqueness of the falls and the variety of activities that are offered on the tour. There are several packages to choose from and they will also book you at some of the best Iguassu Falls hotels. Activities range from seeing the falls by helicopter and taking a safari boat trip. They are known for their excellent guides who are knowledgeable in Iguazu Falls facts and figures.

2. 01Argentina Travel Agency – Iguazu Falls in South America is one of this company’s most desired packages. Their most popular package is the three day tour that includes meals, lodging, and several fun events. The tour can be adapted to what traveler’s needs and interests are and includes jungle trekking, rappelling which stands for ascending or descending cliffs by hanging on ropes and wall climbing. You will also be able to see the Falls from various points like the Devil’s Throat, upper and lower Catwalks and many more. Prices vary by tour choices.

3. Gray Line Tours – This company specializes in budget conscience trips to Iguazu Falls in South America as well as several other popular destinations. Highlights of the tour consist of visiting various walkways and paths opening panoramic views of the Falls. Starting at around $62 per person these 6 hour tours allow tourists to explore the wilderness surrounding the area.

4. Exploration Journeys – This company specializes in private and custom tours of the Iguazu waterfalls. There are 275 falls within the system making it one of the largest in the world. Whether you want a private honeymoon tour or a budget conscious group tour, you can choose from two options:land based trekking tours or nautical tours by boats to the base of the waterfalls.

5. Argentina for Less – This 3 day 2 nights tour includes a jungle and falls exploration. Starting at around $279 per person, you will see a lot for this price. Experienced tour guides will take you to see some of the most awe inspiring panoramic vistas for incredible pictures and show you challenging jungle treks to experience Argentina jungle at its best.