5 Limon Costa Rica Hotels For Budget Travelers

Limon Costa Rica HotelsLimon, Costa Rica, home to the moderate tropical climate and the festival of Carnival, this town is a destination for anyone seeking a true Caribbean vacation. There are a variety of Limon Costa Rica hotels that are ideal for travelers on a budget. This list of 5 hotels explores the best of lodging in Costa Rica. Limon, Costa Rica is not known for the famous Costa Rica all inclusive resorts, but this small town is a great location to experience a picturesque Costa Rica experience.

1. Park Hotel – The Park Hotel, located in the downtown are of Limon, Costa Rica is known for the friendly staff and air conditioned rooms. The rooms are clean and the beach is a simple 10 minutes away. The best deal for Limon Costa Rica hotels, this hotel is perfect choice for less than 50 USD a night.

2. Hotel & Country Club Suerre – One of the best Limon Costa Rica hotels for families, this hotel is on a compound that offers tennis, golf and a swimming pool. The spacious rooms offer a tropical atmosphere and the grounds are well kept. A fitness room is also on property for those in need of a workout while on their Costa Rica vacations.

3. Hotel Playa Westfalia – Perfect for business travel this Limon Costa Rica hotels offer a free laundry service, air condition and a traditional meal of beans and rice. You can experience the perfect ocean view from the 2nd floor in a room equipped with a terrace. The hotel is near the Cahuita National Park, which unlike the Arenal National Park known for Costa Rica volcanoes, this park is optimal for viewing the coral and sea life of Costa Rica.

4. Maribu Caribe Hotel – Equipped with bungalow type rooms, an amazing view, and near the nightlife of Limon, this hotel is perfect for anyone seeking one of the low-key and intimate Costa Rica honeymoons. Puerto Limon is only a short cab ride away and the beach is accessible from the downtown area.

5. La Baula Lodge – Part of the Limon Costa Rica hotels in a secluded region, this Lodge offers a tropical experience in the middle of Costa Rica jungle. Some travelers have heard monkeys right outside their attractive, private rooms. The lodge offers a restaurant, a bar and a pool. The downtown area is only 5 minutes away, which offers more restaurants, shopping and culture.