5 Best Yosemite National Park Camping Sites

Yosemite National Park CampingYosemite National Park camping is something everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. The thrill of sleeping in the outdoors, close to nature is incredibly uplifting.

However, Yosemite National Park camping areas are not just for tents. They have all kinds of camping sites, for trailers, recreation vehicles and fifth wheels; no one needs to be excluded, even if they aren’t really roughing it.

The best part about Yosemite National Park lodging options is the variety; they have multiple sites available and virtually everyone can feel comfortable.

The 5 best Yosemite National Park camping sites are as follows:

1. Upper Pines – Located in the Yosemite Valley, this traditional campsite is extremely popular because of the vicinity to the many waterfalls. They allow all types of equipment here, including standard tents, trailers and RVs.

2. Curry Village – Kind of a combination campsite and cabin area. They offer private bathrooms and tent cabins complete with insulation. It is very different from other campsites because they also have hotels, a swimming pool and ice skating rink. Many people prefer these accommodations because they still consider themselves to be camping, with some of the luxuries of home.

3. Bridalveil Creek – Among the most popular because it accommodates those who want to go horseback riding. You may not be aware, but horseback riding is one of the most common things to do at Yosemite, next to hiking and white water rafting. This campsite allows you to bring your horse along in a trailer and park with your private vehicle. When you are ready to go riding, all you need to do is climb on the back of your horse and go.

4. Lower Pines – Another top selection for Yosemite National Park camping, because it is also in the Valley. This area, however, accommodates much larger equipment, like RVs, up to 40 feet in length.

5. Camp 4 – The final campsite on this list has an odd name, for sure. It is rated high because it is truly for those who want to experience old-fashioned camping. Tents only. No trailers and no RVs. Camp 4 is situated in the Valley so the views are exceptional. One of the most interesting Yosemite National Park facts about Camp 4 is that it is recognized by the National Register of Historic places. This site played a major role in developing rock climbing as a national sport.