5 Best Tibet Tours For Body, Mind and Soul

Tibet Tours1. Dao of Wellbeing Tours – Tibet tours which can help you heal in mind, body, and soul can be a fantastic and life changing experience. One of the best tours for this purpose is one from Dao of Wellbeing Tours. You will experience monasteries, temples, Tibet hiking, beautiful landscapes, and ancient Chinese healing arts. These tours can be arranged for a few days or much longer, and can include almost any attraction that you are interested in.

2. YingYang Tibet Treks Ltd. – YingYang Tibet Treks Ltd. offers exciting and scenic tours. Which can help heal your mind, body, and soul together. These tours can include hiking, meditation, acupuncture and other forms of ancient Chinese meditation, and many other activities and attractions. This is rated as one to the top Tibet tours that you can take for your overall health and wellbeing.

3. Tibet Overland Tour – Offered by the Ghale Travel And Trekking Agency, this is one of the more popular Tibet tours for visitors from all over the world. The popularity of China tourism, and the natural beauty and spiritual appeal of Tibet, make this tour a favorite. You will experience mental, physical, and spiritual healing and wellbeing with a number of activities. You can arrange for a stay and tours of any length, depending on your needs and preferences.

4. Everest Base Camp Trek – Everest is one of the most popular attractions when it comes to adventure travel tours in Tibet. The physical stamina and endurance required for this tour, and the beauty and peace of mind you will find along the way, makes this one of the best Tibet tours for body, mind, and soul. For most of these tours you will spend at least a week or two, so be sure to pack accordingly.

5. Yangtze River Cruise – The Yangtze River is famous around the world for natural beauty and scenic landscapes, and a cruise down the river can include a number of side trips as well. The cruise will help you relax and enjoy all the area has to offer, and the Tibet tours and other side activities chosen can help you get in great physical shape, and balance your mind, body, and spirit at the same time.