5 Best Iguazu Falls Tours in Brazil

Iguazu Falls ToursIguazu Falls combine over 250 small waterfalls to form world’s highly acclaimed landmark straddling the border of two countries, Argentina and Brazil. Whether you choose to explore the Falls by taking guided walking tours, jumping on a boat to the base of the Falls, racing four wheel drive jeeps down the river or soaring in the air on an Iguazu Falls helicopter tour, the sky is the limit. Additionally, do not forget to soak in the amazing Iguacu National Park inhabited by rare species of plants and wildlife. If you decided to explore the Brazil side, please look through 5 best options we suggest below.

Hotel das Cataratas is the perfect place to stay during your Brazilian Iguassu Falls exploration. The hotel is staged in the heart of the National Park in Brazil allowing its guests to admire the beauty of majestic Iguazu Waterfalls around the clock, even during dusk and dawn hours. Book your Iguazu Falls tours right at the front desk of the hotel and choose any activity to suit your preference and fitness levels or consider other options we list below.

1. If you enjoy adrenaline charged activities, you can book extreme Iguazu Falls tours like a unique abseiling experience or literally hanging from a rope adventures against breathtaking views of Iguazu Falls National Park. On days when you feel especially adventurous you can try rafting in the turbulent waters of the Iguazu River; be advised that this activity requires some level of skill and fitness.

2. Macuso Safari boat tours are also popular among tourists and combine jeep rides through Brazilian rain forest followed by speed boat adventures to see the famous Devil’s Throat and Three Musketeers Falls.

3. Helicopter Iguazu Falls tours allow you to admire the spectacular beauty of the area from bird’s eye view point. Some helicopter flights will even take you to see all three sides of the falls located in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. No Iguzu Falls tours would be accomplished without viewing all sides of the Falls to complete the jigsaw puzzle of your Brazilian vacation.

4. For people who prefer more relaxing types of activities, Brazil vacation packages could be tailored to include more laid back Iguazu falls tours like guided walks through Iguacu National Park or even full moon walking tours for especially romantic individuals. The local Bird Park is perfect for bird lovers or travelers with young children that will allow you to soak up views and sounds of the rainforest.

5. Iguazu Falls Complete Tour – This one of Iguazu Falls tours lasts 3 days and 2 nights allowing you to not only explore the Brazilian side but to go across the border to the Argentinian side. Some seasoned travelers suggest that Argentinian side offers much better lookouts and easier and more enjoyable access to see one of the best known natural wonders of the world. If you are worried about visa requirements to cross the border, most hotels will help you out with the necessary paperwork.