15 Things To Do in Bangkok For First Time Visitors!

Things To Do in BangkokSo you are looking for things to do in Bangkok as a first time visitor? Brace yourself to experience the city of contrasts where ancient and modern share the same time period, where suit clad bankers stride along with Buddhist monks wearing their traditional saffron robes, where poverty and luxury are just one step apart.

Bangkok is one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in the Southeastern Asia offering an endless array of things to do and see. Please take a look below where we have gathered a list of 15 must things to do in Bangkok, especially for first time visitors.

1. Explore Grand Palace Bangkok – No visitor to Bangkok leaves without seeing this magnificent Palace sitting proudly on the Eastern banks of Chao Phraya River. The Palace had served as a Royal residence to the Kings of Siam for many years and is currently a museum complex that is also used for state celebratory events and official visits. The Palace infrastructure combines hundreds of smaller buildings and structures, gardens, terraces, lawns and courts. Temple of the Emerald Buddha is the undeniable highlight of the complex along with various Royal Courts with interior décor, delicate artwork and furniture.

2. Go Shopping to Floating Market Bangkok – Perhaps one of the most unique experiences you can have in the splendid Bangkok city. Traditional Thai boats loaded to the brim with freshly coconut juice, bountiful produce, prepared meat and sweets treats are teasing senses as you pass them by in your own boat. A large array of souvenirs, textile and wood carvings are offered for sale by local vendors who can say a few words in English.

3. Experience Chinatown – Yaowarat as locals call it is the amazing densely packed area with a plethora of attractions, restaurants, cultural events and so much more creating some unique things to do in Bangkok. Visit some of Chinese Shrines that come along the way, sample amazing food like “shark fin” or “birds nest” soup for starters, indulge in the best after hour’s entertainment and soak up the unforgettable atmosphere of Chinatown.

4. Take a tour of Wat Pho Old City – See the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, containing a massive Statue of Buddha covered in pure gold with detailed mother of pearl décor elements. There are a lot of things in the Old City that you will find fascinating, from lavish wall murals, to shrines and temples, to gardens and souvenir shops. But Thai massage session is an unbeatable experience you simply cannot miss. Traditional Thai massage is by all means not relaxing, on the other hand, quite a workout combining yoga poses, with stretching, deep tissue handling that have been proven to relieve achy joints and enhance blood circulation and well being.

5. Food Bangkok Tours – Bangkok is a gourmet paradise, the best place to try authentic Thai cuisine masterfully combining complex sweet, sour, salty and bitter ingredients, lightly cooked vegetables, fish and meats to create delectable soups, salads and entrees. Book a food tour to enable you to try some of the best eats in town.

6. Get Lost in the Bangkok Nightlife – Truly spectacular, the nightlife in the city is brimming with opportunities no matter what you are looking for. Live shows, cabaret adult entertainment, wild nightclubs and sophisticated roof top lounges and bars are for you to explore. Get up to the 55th floor of the Red Sky Roof top restaurant to enjoy panoramic views of the city and indulge in their cuisine as you are being entertained by a live jazz quartet. If you are more in the mood for naughty entertainment, head to the Patpong section of the city where you can hop from one Go-Go bar to another. Or perhaps you might like one of the popular over the top Ladyboy shows featuring transgender actors and dancers.

7. Bangkok Grand Pearl Dinner Cruises – Come aboard a luxurious Grand Pearl ship setting sail along the Chao Phraya River with magnificent night lit Bangkok cityscapes. Board at the City Pier and continue moving up the River to spot the attractions like the Grand Palace, Temple of the Dawn and many others. Several course Thai dinners are served accompanied by live music and show spectacles.

8. Visit the Safari World – Combining two park in one, Safari Zoo and Marine Park, this is the place to be if you are looking for things to do in Bangkok with kids. Featuring amazing animals of the land and sea, fantastic interactive shows and learning experience, it’s one of the best in Asia.
9. Try Thai Cooking Classes – Not only you will try mouthwatering spicy Thai food creations, you will be able to recreate them at home for your loved ones, if you take a Thai cooking class. Thai House is the best place to learn from Thai cooking experts. Thai cooking classes are held in the open air orchards with mango, papaya and coconut trees at the background.

10. Tickle your Senses at Crocodile Farm – On the outskirts of Bangkok you will find one of the largest Crocodile Farms in the world with over 60, 000 crocodiles participating in unbelievable shows and making their daily debuts. Watch actors stick their heads, legs and arms in the gapping razor sharp jaws, wrestle with these mighty beasts and perform otherwise risky stunts. Zoo featured on the grounds of the Crocodile Farm features some pretty cool animals like chimps, tigers and snakes.

11. Explore Bangkok Snake Farm – The Red Cross Institute and the animal keepers of the Bangkok Snake Farm try to rid you of your childhood fears of snakes and show you that only a fraction of these creatures are actually dangerous. Located in the heart of the city center, getting to the Snake Farm is a breeze. This interactive learning experience is fun for both kids and adults allowing you to gain new appreciation for amazing snakes who are more of a blessing than a menace helping farmers keep rodents and pests at bay.

12. Go Shopping in Siam Paragon – It’s not your regular shopping mall, it’s a world class shopping and entertainment mega center featuring 15 large screen movie house, hundreds of high end retail stores, restaurants and magnificent Siam Ocean World Aquarium. Here you will find everything for a great day out with your family.

13. Khao San Road Rambuttri – By day and night explore how Bangkok used to look before they started building all the skyscrapers. A lovely street packed with street vendors, food carts and souvenir trinkets during the day and at night it comes alive with hundreds of paper lanterns, neon signage of restaurants and night clubs advertising their wares.

14. Chatuchak Weekend Market – Once a wholesale market for retailers, now the place to be for tourists looking for unique souvenirs to take home. Enjoy a large selection of textile goods, knick knacks, furniture, arts and crafts, clothing and so much more.

15. Muay Thai Boxing – For those looking for thrilling things to do in Bangkok, buy a ticket to see a traditional Thai boxing match. The show is preceded by ceremonial opening with each boxer performing their best stunts, thanks his teaches and greets the crowd. Then the real fun begins with boxers using just about any tricks, body parts or techniques to get their opponent down.