10 Reasons To Visit Iguassu Falls in Brazil

Iguassu Falls BrazilOne of the most amazing attractions in Brazil is world famous Iguassu Falls. These amazing falls are breathtaking and lie along the border of Brazil and Argentina. The Iguassu Waterfalls (or Iguazu Falls) are more expansive and wider than the famous Niagara Falls and truly an exquisite sight to see.

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons to visit Iguassu Falls:

1. Iguassu Falls Brazil is like no other waterfall in the world. The waterfalls in Brazil are only rivaled by Africa’s Victoria Falls and are some of the mightiest and most powerful waterfalls in the world, UNESCO World Heritage Site and was a candidate to be named the New Seven Wonders of the World.

2. The views of Iguazu Waterfalls are spectacular. Tourists do not want to miss the sight of the powerful falls plunging over twenty stories to the gorge below. The Brazilian side of the falls features amazing panoramic views that visiting tourists catch on film, videotape or digital cameras.

3. Iguassu Falls hotels are cost effective yet boasting with luxury. When visiting the Falls stay in one of the many area lodging accommodations for at least two days to give yourself time to explore the area and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

4. Take photographs or a home video of the Devil’s Throat. The single most power stream from the Iguassu Falls in Brazil is known as the Devil’s Throat. The sound can be deafening because of the water’s roar.

5. Make the most of your Brazil vacation packages by staying in Hotel Cataratas Iguazu Falls, one of the area’s finest luxury hotels located literally within a walk from majestic Falls. By Staying at Cataratas you can enjoy visiting the Falls anytime of the day since the hotel is located in the Brazilian park. Hotel Managers recommend guests visit the iconic landmark after 5 pm when most tourist crowds dissipate and you can enjoy having the views all to yourself.

6. Explore the area surrounding Iguassu Falls to elevate your experience to another level. Iguassu Bird Park is a treat in itself where you can see over 175 species of exotic birds introduced to you by professional tour guides. Itaipu Dam is another popular and very impressive site to see since it generates 90% of electricity for neighboring country Paraguay and almost 25% of that to Brazil.

7. Taking Iguazu Falls tours on helicopters of awe-inspiring Falls is a great reason to come here and enjoy a captain’s narration loaded with fun facts about the Falls. Take a landing at Isle do Sol and feast on a picnic in the middle of Brazil’s wilderness enjoying every bit of the views opening in front of you.

8. Hiking and exploring are popular activities around the falls and hard to match with anywhere else in North or South America. Iguassu Falls in Brazil offer sightseeing trails around the jungle like terrain. Extreme sports aficionados can engage in a number of heart pumping activities where they prefer rappelling, rock climbing, adventure boat trips, 4 wheel drive jeep tours down the river to see world’s highly acclaimed waterfalls up close.

9. Not only can you explore the Falls on the Brazilian side, you can also arrange to visit lookouts on the Argentinian side through Puerto Iguazu. Many travel experts belive that Argentinian side offers better vantage points, better paths and even an open air train to explore the views of the Falls and beauty of the natural surroundings. It takes about 45 minutes to get from one side to another, and your hotel can usually take care of the paperwork to cross the border.

10. Explore Iguazu National Park brimming with rare species of flora and fauna. Here guests can see over four hundred types of birds, rare animals like jaguar and ocelot and so much more.